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Facebook Gone Wild

Facebook was the first piece of Social Media I was introduced to and I hated it. I grumbled at my husband for posting photos of our vacations. Now, years later, I have more than 45,000 subscribers  on my page Most of them are from other countries, and some of them like me are journalists. Others are actors, musician and employees of various companies. But for most of them, I do not know what they do and I wonder why they bother subscribing to my posts, most of which relate to journalism, social media, and news stories from the San Jose Mercury News . Some, of course, post borderline porn, disguising their pages with innocent photos, until a user looks deeper.  One by one I block those. But in other cases, I notice that what is acceptable in some cultures is very different than in America.  It has also been an interesting barometer of the growth of Facebook in other countries.  Turkey, the Middle East, France, Colombia, and Brazil are some of the most common regions where I am seeing booms in my followers.


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