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freeDive Launches: Searchable Database Tool

The KDMC announces the launch of freeDive, a free searchable database tool for the Web.  Have you used it? Let me know how it is working.

This is from Len DeGroot, Data Instructor at Knight Digital Media Center at Berkeley, who made the announcement:

Imagine you have a spreadsheet of campaign contributions or crime statistics that you want to share. freeDive offers users powerful tools to search and play with that data. 

 For years, you had to know how to program or pay a service to build searchable databases. You shouldn’t have to do that. We opened freeDive so you can build the kind of interactive data stories that readers want. 

 It’s still very young. It has been stable in testing yet we recognize there are several design and user interface issues that need to be addressed. As you work with this Alpha version we hope you’ll provide feedback and help us shape freeDive’s development.  Please let us know of your experiences.

 freeDive works in modern browsers (including Chrome, Firefox, IE 8, IE 9) on Windows and OS X but occasionally breaks in Internet Explorer 7.


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