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Starting on Storify

People have asked me to talk about Storify so here goes:
Storify is a great tool for telling a story in a dynamic, nearly live way because you can incorporate others’  Tweets, Facebook posts, photos, YouTube videos and more. You can also update it continuously, notify the people you have quoted and embed it into your website. The best way is to look at one, and then actually try it out.  Log on using your Twitter or Facebook account.

Here is the link to the Storify I created yesterday about the Steve Jobs FBI Report . You will see that I start with an intro. then a photo, and then tell the story using Tweets and my editorial comments in between.  I started with this:

And ended with this:

How did I get there? In the most basic terms, you simply click on a featured user (pictured on the right side of the page) , such as Twitter, and search for a hashtag or term. In this case “Steve Jobs” or “FBI report.” The tweets will pop up, you pick the ones you want, click on them and slide to the left to add to your story.  You repeat this with YouTube, Facebook,etc. until your story is complete. When you want to add text, just click above the element and a gray line will appear. Type in your test. Save your work every step along the way.   Try this, and let me know how it goes. Then, I will soon post advice and the pros and cons of Storify.  Also, please tell me your stories about how you have used Storify.


One comment on “Starting on Storify

  1. Jose R. Alonso
    February 10, 2012

    Very interesting. This is like telling a story in sound bites for television.

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