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Pinterest: My First Time

I created my first Pinterest board today.  Click here to see it: MissRepresentation, a must-see film I did it to prepare for a training I will do Wednesday morning for journalists at the Bay Area News Group. I chose the topic MissRepresentation, a film by Jennifer Seibel Newsom which illustrates the sexist way movies, TV and advertising (mis)portrays women. I am writing a column about the film and thought this would be a good companion to it.

Signing up for Pinterest is the first challenge since it is invitation-only. So find someone who is on it and ask them to invite you.  Then, start playing with it. By dragging the “Pin it” bookmarklet to your book marks, you can search for any image on the web, and then click ‘Pin it. ” This allows you add a description to the image and tell a story through a “board” of pins. A board is a collection of pins or images, which you can title.  You can then share your story board on Facebook and Twitter, and to other Pinheads (ok, I made up the term Pinhead,but you get it).  Other Pinterest users can add comments to each of your Pins and re-pin it.

That is as far as I have gone. I will learn more tomorrow as we explore it together in a hands-on workshop. Tell me how you are using Pinterest. 


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