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Competing with Linsanity & Whitney

In case you doubt the power of Google + and Twitter to push our stories to greater heights (and readership), consider this tale by Business Writer Mike Swift of  the San Jose Mercury News
“The story we did breaking the news about Google’s previously secret plans for a “Google Experience Center” and hardware labs at its Mountain View headquarters was a creature of social media. It was the third most-read story on (following Jeremy Lin and Whitney Houston) last week in large part because of Twitter and Google+, I believe. It was retweeted by a number of very prominent tech people, including Wired’s Steven Levy to his 37,000 followers. On Google+, the story was shared by Tim O’Reilly to his 745,000 connections (yes, that’s not a misprint); and a bunch of people within Google, including developer advocate Don Dodge, with about 16,000 followers. That is such a big potential audience that I’m sure it had something to do with the heavy readership the story received. “
We should add that Mike Swift’s Google+ account has more than 8,000 followers and his Twitter account nearly 3,000.

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