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Will Pinterest lose its female niche?

Ok. Not to sound sexist, but I was wondering when Pinterest  was going to lose its distinction of being dominated by female users. It sounds like the door has opened on that.  Mashable reports that more than 20 Major League Baseball teams have joined, along with NBA teams with The Celtics  leading over 1,000.

I admit that when I first began experimenting with the San Jose Mercury News Pinterest page  my first instinct was to post sports photos. But then, I pinched myself, and said  this is an opportunity to capture an audience of women, something newspapers are not always great at.  Plus, I figured, gals, we better enjoy this while we can.

As for the sports teams, well, click on the Mashable link above, and you will see that they too are longing to capture that demographic too.

What do you think? Should we post what we think women like (always a dangerous exercise, I suppose) or should we use it to cover everything, including subjects which traditionally attract more men, such as major league sports? 


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