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Fabulous Facebook Timeline Ideas/Troubleshooting

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The history of food, San Francisco Bay Area style;  the history of Silicon Valley, and the best-loved movies of the decades are just some of the Facebook timelines the Bay Area News Group will unveil at the end of this month. The creators of these pages gave some sneak peeks during a webinar today. We used the hour to brainstorm ideas and share the challenges of changing over our dozens of pages to the Facebook timeline.

Pictured is a slice of history from the Oakland Tribune page, which multimedia/iPad editor Virginia Griffey is working on.

The San Jose Mercury News Timeline will chart the history of Silicon Valley thanks to Research Director Leigh Poitinger and assistant Diana Stickler.

On the flip side, we are learning that some of our photos are not working as the main photos for the page.  Movie Critic Randy Myers is making a fabulous timeline of the best-loved movies. But he quickly discovered that the resolution of some photos were insufficient, creating a grainy appearance.

In at least one case, we have seen a drop  in traffic on one of our Facebook pages since it converted to the timeline format, suggesting that even those immersed in the fast-paced online world sometimes have trouble adjusting to change. I think it underlines the need to warn readers and get them excited about the changes.

What are you doing with your page? Post your ideas here. Also, let us know what you have discovered as you work on your pages.


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