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Storify’s Growing Pains

What’s up with Storify?

Last week when our Biz Break reporter Jeremy C. Owens tried to create a Storify story about his bicycle trip to the San Jose Mercury News on Bike to Work day, he was frustrated to find that his searches kept timing out. We have had this problem on and off for months, however, things have been worse lately. Today, I could not save the Storify story I was creating, and when I refreshed the page, it would not even let me call up the draft. We are not alone.

The good news? Storify knows about the problems, and addressed it in this Storify. post today. This is a symptom of the site’s popularity, Storify says.

The bad news? This is a server problem, and until Storify makes a switch to a new host, the slow response is likely to continue.  The switchover is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

In the meantime, what other ways are you using to tell stories? Is there a replacement for Storify?


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