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As Mom always said: “Remember to Share”

It’s a no brainer that sharing links to stories is one of the best ways to build your audience, and increase readership on your website.  But,  that means sometimes sharing beyond your blogsphere, and the usual suspects such as Twitter, Google + and Facebook.

During this week’s social media training roadshow, I went on with  Mandy Jenkins of Digital First Media, we talked about the hungry sites out there waiting to be fed, including  Reddit, StumbleUpon,  and the Huffington Post. Mandy came up with a longer list of sites, which I will share on here too.

The best way to get started is to check out some of them and get a feel for what its readers like.  Is your story offbeat, like this one by Bruce Newman?  Are you intrigued by the questions around the reported will of the late artist Thomas Kinkade as recounted in this story by Julia Prodis Sulek? Chances are that readers of some of these sites will too. Is it an exclusive? Not every story is worth sending out to masses lest you get a reputation of oversharing (and also wasting some time to boot). However, well-chosen shared links of your stories and that of your colleagues is a great way to draw more readers to our sites.

Reddit makes submitting a link quite easy, although you will need to register for an account. Just submit the url to the story, and pick a category that best describes the story.  (Reddit has been in the news lately with accusations that it was blocking certain news organizations, and accusations that some users are stacking the votes by users on the site).  Click here to read about that battle.

Meanwhile, feed the beasts that are starving for links and tell me how it goes.


One comment on “As Mom always said: “Remember to Share”

  1. I agree that submitting links to our properties’ stories is a good way to expand publicity. I’m concerned about doing so, however, because the links don’t work after two weeks. The stories disappear into a fee-based archive. I think people might be angry if they followed a link to a story that was no longer there.

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