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Takeways from the Online News Association Conference #ONA12


The workshops at the Online News Association in San Francisco were filled with a vibrant bunch of journalists, ranging in experience from less than a year to 30 years or more, hunched over their tablets and electronic notebooks tweeting and blogging away.

And many of the news organizations, big and small, are dealing with the same issues we confront every day:

– Can we use photos posted on our Facebook walls?

– Should reporters Tweet their opinions?

– How can we keep up when there are so many social media tools? Which ones are worth using?

Not all journalists agree on these issues, of course. But, I agree with Wall Street Journal Social Media Editor Liz Heron, who warned that tweeting opinions can hurt a reporter’s credibility. There is a way to have a personality when you tweet without expressing opinions, namely, providing analysis of news events.

And, as for photo permissions, this is an issue we deal with every day, and it is a complex one. Being transparent, and explaining that if you post a photo or comment on our Facebook pages, it may be used on our website and/or print is a good way to avoid trouble.

As for managing all the tools, well, we are still working on that! In fact, I left the conference with yet more social media tools for us to play with and present our stories. More on that later. Meanwhile, Thanks ONA.


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