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Why Journalists should be happy about Facebook search


I have yet to try out the new “Graph Search” which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this morning at Facebook headquarters, but already, I am saying ‘Bring it on! This can only be good news for journalists, who have had to tolerate a clunky, albeit helpful, search function.

This will help us search for photographs shot at a particular location, find people who work at a certain workplace, and find fellow journalists even more easily. The search feature allows you to keep narrowing down your search too. I have linked below to an introductory guide for journalists posted  Facebook’s Vadim Lavrusik today. 

Here’s an excerpt:  The new search enables journalists to do richer searches when trying to find an expert for a story. For example, say you’re doing a story on a specific company and you’re looking to interview someone who works at the company in their New York office, you could do this by searching for “People who work at ACME Inc in New York” to find potential employees to reach out to. You could even make the search more specific to find people who work at the company with a specific title, for example. This could make it easier to find potential sources & experts to reach out to for stories you’re working on.

This is a link to his complete guide

Facebook Search for Journalists

Then, there is all the fun stuff you can do. My husband, I am jealous to report, acquired a beta version, and is already searching for the TV shows  that his friends who like President Barack Obama like compared to his friends who like once-presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  He also created a ranking of  the favorite musicians among his friends based on the search.

This is a link to the Storify I created which further outlines the search function. And, here is San Jose Mercury News Brandon Bailey’s piece on it.  Naturally, there are all kinds of possible uses for businesses and marketers and there are sure to be privacy issues raised. However, for now, I can only think that this is going to be a vast improvement from the primitive search functions Facebook has been providing up until now.

The feature will be rolled out slowly, and I signed the waiting list. Here’s hoping I will soon see the new blue bar appear on my Facebook account.


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