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Storify Success Stories:Think 49ers, Lady Gaga and Gay Rights


What do the San Francisco 49ers, Lady Gaga and gay rights have in common? They each have given us great fodder for Storify stories lately.

Lady Gaga fans handed us a golden Storify opportunity by tweeting death threats to our music critic Jim Harrington. For the others, we had to do a little more work, finding  slices of big pies: The 49ers run-up to the Super Bowl and the Presidential inauguration. Bay Area News Group Online Sports Editor Jon Becker is a master of serving up these tasty slices. A recent one from his portfolio? The Sports Illustrated curse.

In it, he included photos of the 49ers on the SI cover, and incorporated tweets from worried fans, the history of the curse, and other players such as Aaron Rogers, who know the curse all too well. Then, he slapped on a  SEO-friendly headline that included not only the San Francisco 49ers but their wildly popular Quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  Find more of Jon’s Storify stories here.

Rested up from the San Francisco Giants season,Bay Area News Group Giants beat writer Alex Pavlovic is bringing his expertise to the coverage of the 49ers at the Bay Area News Group/San Jose Mercury News. His Storify examines some very special 49ers fans: The world-champion San Francisco Giants as the city by the bay tries to go for a rare major league sports two-fer this year .

Talk about another competitive playing field, a presidential inauguration doesn’t always leave clear places for us to break through the noise. In this case, President Barack Obama made it easy. He mentioned gay rights in his speech. After that, it seemed like a no-brainer to head to social media to find reaction this historic moment. The reactions were easy to find, and the traffic followed.  Finally, at the expense of Music Critic Jim Harrington, we brought in some more readers. After Jim dared write a lukewarm review of Lady Gaga’s performance in San Jose earlier this week, the “Little Monsters” attacked. With more than 45,000 Twitter followers, when Jim writes, people listen.  My editor and the Bay Area News Group Managing Editor for Digital Content, Randy Keith, had a great idea:  let’s write about the fans on the attack. I quickly cooked up a Storify of the online reaction the attacks on Jim and then, the wave of support from his fans. And, don’t worry Jim, the Lady Gaga fans soon turned their sights on me with tweets that were – well, let’s just say they are not for a family audience. 53b62fea-b0ab-4697-a685-6ef70d1f6cb1

As always, I love hearing your stories. Please send links to your favorite Storify stories.



One comment on “Storify Success Stories:Think 49ers, Lady Gaga and Gay Rights

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