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Twitter burying Tweetdeck mobile and desktop apps


If you are using Tweetdeck on your mobile phone or are using the desktop version in the office, you will want to find a new Twitter management system soon or switch to Tweetdeck’s Chrome App or Web version. Twitter announced this week that it is killing off its mobile and desktop versions. This story by explains.  Also, Tweetdeck’s integration with Facebook will disappear in May. I find Tweetdeck incredibly useful, however, I am also a fan of Hootsuite, which does a pretty decent job of helping you manage multiple streams of  Tweets.  I like its mobile version. I do not find the Web version of Tweetdeck to be as intuitive as its desktop version, but you certainly can get by with it. This story recommends Tweetbot but I have never used it, and it is not free.

Please send along your ideas for replacements.

Meanwhile, it is a little frustrating to lose such a useful mobile tool. Let’s hope that Twitter makes good on its promise to keep improving its Web version.

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