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Storylane team joins Facebook. What’s next?

storylogoFacebook is adding another one to its belt: Storylane. The Palo Alto startup, which I wrote about for  the San Jose Mercury News in November, is one of the few social media platforms that encourages users to tell longer stories, and so it is similar to blogging. When I interviewed CEO Jonathan Gheller in November, I noticed that he was careful to note the value of both Facebook and Twitter in the Social Media constellation, as opposed to setting up his platform as being in competition.  Storylane allows users to delve deeper than status updates, he said at the time. Here is my November interview with Gheller.  Other users can like your posts, using various icons such as a light bulb for “was inspired”,  heart for “liked.”  Contributors and Storylane also ask people to tell specific stories about themselves. There is, however, no easy mechanism for commenting on another person’s story beyond the icons.   Storylane CEO Jonathan Gheller announced Friday that the Storylane team was joining Facebook. He vowed that Storylane will not share the data of users with Facebook.

For those who want to migrate their stories to elsewhere, Storylane is developing tools for that, he wrote.” We are building tools that will help you migrate the content to other services if you so desire. I will be in touch with you about those specific tools later,” he wrote, ” but I can confirm that Facebook is not acquiring any of your data; and we’re working to make sure you can migrate your content in a manageable way.” This is the full announcement.

What this means  is a bit unclear, with Gheller saying that  in joining Facebook, his team will be able to continue its mission of connecting to the world. “After a lot of discussions with Facebook about how our teams might work together to have even greater impact, we are announcing today that the Storylane team will be joining Facebook.”

Since this coincides with Facebook’s announcement of a revamped news feed, there is speculation that Gheller’s team can help Facebook since it specializes in both longer story form, and personalized stories.  In making describing the news feed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg vowed to make it ” the best personalized newspaper in the world.” Here is the story about the news feed announcement.

I am still trying to reach Gheller, and will let you know what I find out.

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