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Vine gets some respect in Boston bombings coverage


Whenever I do training about Vine, Twitter’s video app, at least half of the people in the class look at me strangely. Why should they care about a platform that shoots six-second videos, they wonder. Who is going to watch them? What can you possibly capture within such a short time. Even after I show them examples, I am not sure I convert many of them, who are imagining endless loops of cat videos. Nor does it matter when I tell them that recently it hit No. 2  in the Apple iTunes store among free apps.

Today, I am here to show you why it matters, with an example that might win over even the most skeptical of journalists. Vine gained  some respect during the unfortunate bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday. The key for creating a   Vine video at a news event, is to capture just the right moment – or in this case -six seconds, I always tell my students.  And on Monday one spectator did just that.

Advertising Age wrote a decent story about the use of Vine at the Marathon.  It includes the Vine that @doug_Lorman managed to capture. The video,  the story points out, served as the first video for many people looking for visuals of the explosions. Later, longer videos naturally provided more depth and details, however, Lorman’s video received 40K plus views. And, I used it in a Storify of images from the bombings.  Vine is still only available for iPhones, but don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.

Have I won you over?  Find me on vine @deborapetersen. I will be looking for you six seconds at a time.

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